this community will be on hiatus until more people show interest. can't have icon contests if no one enters them.

shameless plugs:
- KChenoweth.Net, #1 Kristin fansite on the net, which is now giving away an autographed copy of Kristin's book!

- Absolutely Gorgeous, a fun and open group of Kristin fans with moderators who treat you like friends, not children, without a million different rules about what you can and can't talk about.

Week 55 Voting! (Closed)

Voting Rules:
• Vote for your top 3 favorites, in order, by listing their numbers in a comment.
• List 3 icons ONLY. No "ties" will be counted.
• No anonymous votes.
• Don't vote for yourself. Not that I'll be checking, but aren't you entering the contest to see how everyone else likes your icons?

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Small Change

I think I made a mistake when I posted the latest blue challenge, because I said that it would end a week from today, and that would be three weeks since I posted it rather than two. So today and tomorrow are your last days to enter icons for this challenge. Submit your icon by midnight tomorrow (Sunday) night!

Click here to enter.