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22 February 2009 @ 09:50 pm
Week 55: (Closed)  

This week's challenge is inspired by degreenify_me's idea that we have a challenge that revolves around a color. This week's color is blue.

You may use any pictures of Kristin as long as the main color of the icon is blue. There can be other colors, as well, but blue should be the color that is on a majority of the icon.

You can make your icon feature blue however you like, but here are some pictures of Kristin wearing blue to inspire you:

Sample Pics:

- KChenoweth.Net Gallery > Public Appearances > 2008 > Premieres > "Tinkerbell" DVD Launch (10/19/08)
- KChenoweth.Net Gallery > Public Appearances > 2007 > Events > Kristin Chenoweth to Party Hearty for Heart Health
- KChenoweth.Net Gallery > Public Appearances > 2008 > Events > 60th Annual Emmy Awards Nomination Announcement
- KChenoweth.Net Gallery > Photoshoots > Vanity Fair Wicked Shoot
- KChenoweth.Net Gallery > Paparazzi Pics / Miscellaneous > Erin Dilly's Wedding (2004)

Submitting Your Icon:
• You may submit up to 5 icons this week.
• Submit your icons by 11:59PM PDT, Sunday, March 8.
IMPORTANT! Post a comment containing your icon itself, and the link to the icon using the following HTML code:

The IMAGE URL is labeled as "Direct Link" on Photobucket, and "Direct Link for Layouts" on TinyPic.

Your comment should look like this (only with your icon not mine, of course):


Questions? Leave them as a comment.
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